Dear Friend's


On the 18. December 1999 between 8 and 9 pm German (GMT+1) time we will create a Live Broadcast Audio-Art Sculpture live at the WDR in Cologne/Germany. You are invited to join us by sending some of your thoughts (max. 99 words) or sounds (Audio-Files max. 18 seconds) by e-mail during this time. The hour will be dedicated to:

illusion of the end

" Tithonos, son of Laomedon, was carried off by the Goddess Eos because of his incredible beauty. She begged Zeus for his immortality and he granted this wish, but Eos had forgotten to ask for eternal youth as well. So Tithonos grew soon old, but could not die. Transformed into a cricket you can still hear his longing songs today."


"Illusion of the End" is a multimedia radioplay, which will be recorded and broadcast live.

The announcer utters the cancelation.
Musicians perform "The Big Bang". Monolog's of possible beginnings sound of the stage. Several video-monitors project the "Talking Heads", giant pictures of modern fairy-tellers, speaking of beginnings, ends, immortality and transitoriness. The musicians collect sounds without the illusion of ever hearing their endings. The internet serves as an ear through which live Audio-Files and speech-converted e-mails are heard. On stage a sound-installation, a box, from it emit voices telling of crickets and timekeeping. The "Big Crunch" reverberates from the instruments. The renouncer proclaims the anouncement.

Performers: Dr.Hartmut Dedert and Grace Yoon --Musicians: Alexandr Alexandrov, Blixa Bargeld, Roman Bunka, Peter Dicke, Jeanne Lee, Serguei Letov, Youri Parfenov, Mal Waldron -- Talking Heads (on Video): Doris Dörrie, Marusa Krese, Malachi Favors, Oskar Pastior, Ulrike Trüstedt, Bernhard Waldenfels, Hermann de Vries -- Internet-Remix Charly Jungbauer -- Sound-Boxes, created by: CULT-LAB - Mona Göschel & Charly Jungbauer, played by: Grace Yoon


Hope to hear from you,

Grace Yoon and the I.O.T.E. team