me Charly Jungbauer
28-07-1953 Born,  Munich, Germany
1968 - 1971 Apprenticeship as Hairdresser
1972 Technical assistant to Chris Price Project "Spielstrasse" during the 1972 Olympic Games
1972 - 1974 Technican for the Dutch Film Coop, Amsterdam
1974 -1978 Worked in a technical or creative capacity with/on
Theater Companies
  • Friends Roadshow, Jango Edwards, Footsbarn, Nierf
  • "Festival of Fools " 1974 - 1977
  • "Pallava" a Audio/Visual Trip with Charlz Jundo, H.W. Targowski, Janet Beevers, ...
  • "Stereometry" Concrete poem by H.W. Targowski
  • "I was a Teenage Palm Tree" Friends Roadshow - Special effects
  • Alpha/Omega Show a multi-media extravaganza
  • Festival of Future Possibilities Live MARK/SPACE issue 11
  • 1971 > now Embryo
  • 1971 Amon-Duell II
  • 1978 Friends Little Big Banned
  • 1980 Sail/Joia
  • MARK/SPACE Magazine issue 1 through 11,
  • Tracks in Space
1979 -1980 Free lance work for
  • Eventstructure Research Group (ERG) Theo Botschuijver & Jeffrey Shaw
  • Design, assembly, testing and programming of a 8 Bit Microprocessor System
  • Genesis Laser Effects System
  • Special Effects for stage, theater and film productions
  • Netherlands "Sesame Street" Slide Projection effects
1980 - 1985
  • NIKHEF-H (Netherlands Institute voor Kern en Hoogenergie Fysica) electronics division, Production prototyping
  • 12 month - MUCO Amsterdam, Electronic Components Sales
  • 5 year contract with NIKHEF-H
  • Drafting of Schematic diagrams, Prototype development,
  • CAD (PCB design and production),
  • Using and programming various computer systems
  • Joystick FI-285 a flight-simulator Input system for Freak Instruments BV
1986 -1989
  • Co-director of DadaData a System house - Research & Development
  • Opto-electronic measuring technology for Homer BV
  • "Visualization of Fluid Dynamics" a study for: Shell Research Laboratories
  • Consultant for:
  • Stichting Centrum de Waag, Amsterdam
Art projects
  • Jeffrey Shaw and few samples of his many projects
  • Sonuslux Felix Meritis 500 year's
  • The legible City - Bicycle Interface to Silicon Graphics Workstation -
  • Highway 2050 part of the "Nederland Nu" exposition
  • Narcissus The Electronic Mirror with Gideon May
  • Infinity/16 Light to sound interface
  • Electronic Monument to the Written Word - A sculpture placed in the entrance hall of the Central Puiblic Library of the Netherlands. It displays all current keywords requested on all libray computer terminals in the Netherlands.
1990 -1995 Free lance Projects
  • Implementation of Cable Systems the Paradiso for the First Galactic Hacker Party
  • Setting up and running the Technical Service of the Benelux Computer Exchange (BCE)
  • Layout of Fanzine "The Upsetter" Issue 1 for H.W.Targowski and David Katz.
  • Writting for various Computer Magazines - Product reviews, ...
  • ADELBRECHT the rolling-wonder-robot for Martin Spaniaard , STEIM & Rolf Pixley
  • Electronic Voting System with Rolf Pixley for Dutch TV
1996 -2000
  • Electronic Design, support and production for AMBIENT Recording GmbH, Munich
  • Modelbuilding Satelites for Heilmaier & Boehm
  • The Internet Reading Table for Rolf Pixley, Amsterdam
  • Cover design & Layout for Ernst Jandl CD
  • Cover design & Layout for Valerè Scherstjànoi's CD "Lautland"
  • Administrative Software for "MAGAZIN Die Bildagentur", PeterEising
  • MultiMedia Exibits for ASTRIUM, via and with Heilmaier & Boehm
Personal Projects
1984 -1994 "Sonomatric Environment" with Relly Tarlo and Jacoba Bedaux
1985 > The INITIATE Esoteric Software with Rufus C. Camphausen
1993 > MARK/SPACE the Internet version with H.W. Targowski. Information and the design of a 3D Database using only Public Domain, Free- and Shareware.
1996 > Evaluating and programming for S.H.I.L.F. TeacherWare
1997 Faruk Music Multimedia-Software and production support.
1997 "Ein Komet ist einschmutziger SCHNEEBALL" CD Compilation 1976 - 1997. Audio mastering, Cover design & Layout
Skills & knowhow
Electronics - Design, Prototyping, Production and Manufacturing
Draftsmanship, Wood & Metal-working
Jewelry, Fine Mechanics
Computer literacy - Operating Systems, Application use, Programming
Internet knowhow, HTML
System design
Video- Sound & Animation technology
DTP - PrePress
Photo-, Film and Darkroom Technology
Administration, Bookkeeping
German, English, Dutch